Retrieve a Data Source

Retrieves a data_source object from your ChartMogul account.

curl -X GET "" \
     -u YOUR_API_KEY: \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"
ChartMogul::DataSource.retrieve( 'ds_fef05d54-47b4-431b-aed2-eb6b9e545430')
ChartMogul.DataSource.retrieve(config, "ds_fef05d54-47b4-431b-aed2-eb6b9e545430");

chartmogul.DataSource.retrieve(config, uuid="ds_fef05d54-47b4-431b-aed2-eb6b9e545430")
Result Format
  "uuid": "ds_fef05d54-47b4-431b-aed2-eb6b9e545430",
  "name": "In-house billing",
  "system": "Custom",
  "created_at": "2023-01-10T15:34:05.918Z",
  "status": "idle"
@name="In-house billing", 
@created_at=2023-01-10 11:27:37 UTC
  "uuid": "ds_fef05d54-47b4-431b-aed2-eb6b9e545430",
  "name": "In-house billing",
  "system": "Custom",
  "created_at": "2023-01-10T15:34:05.918Z",
  "status": "idle"
   "uuid" => "ds_fef05d54-47b4-431b-aed2-eb6b9e545430",
   "status" => "idle",
   "system" => "Custom",
   "created_at" => "2023-01-10T07:55:08.585Z",
   "name" => "In-house billing"
 UUID: (string) (len=39) "ds_fef05d54-47b4-431b-aed2-eb6b9e545430",
 Name: (string) (len=16) "In-house billing",
 CreatedAt: (string) (len=24) "2023-01-10T12:19:18.346Z",
 Status: (string) (len=4) "idle",
 System: (string) (len=10) "Custom"
  created_at=datetime.datetime(2023, 1, 10 11, 50, 40, 779000, tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc),
  name='In-house billing',

In the response, data_sources contains an array of data_source objects that you've created, with the following data:

  • uuid — The UUID of the data_source object generated by ChartMogul.
  • name — The name of the data source as specified by you.
  • system — The type of system from which customer billing data is imported using this data source. For example, Stripe, Recurly, GoCardless, Chargify, Custom, and so on.
  • created_at — The time when this data source was created in the ChartMogul system.
  • status — The current status of the data import into ChartMogul. For data sources based on integrations maintained by ChartMogul (ie. Stripe, Braintree, etc.), if there is no data then status will be never_imported. If there is data that is being processed then status will be importing. If all data has been processed then status will be import_complete. For data sources based on our Custom data source, if data is currently being processed then status will be working and if there's no data being processed then status will be idle.