Data Model

An illustrated overview of the ChartMogul API, how the endpoints map to the ChartMogul data model and how the data is used for analytics and CRM.

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Customers vs. data source customers

Every customer in ChartMogul consists of two object types: one parent customer object and at least one child data source customer object.

Customer objects are displayed in ChartMogul as customer records.

Data source customer objects are listed in the Customers data table of each source.

A customer’s tags, custom attributes, notes and call logs, opportunities, and tasks belong to the customer object.

All datasets visible under Data & Config > Sources, such as invoices and transactions, belong to the data source customer objects.

Deleting a customer’s only data source customer object also deletes the parent customer object.

When customers are merged, two or more data source customer objects become the children of one customer object. Data associated with each data source customer remains in the source where it was originally added.