Use destinations to export data from ChartMogul to object storage services or data warehouses.

Available datasets

ChartMogul allows you to send two types of data:

  • Source Data — data imported from a billing source, transformed to the ChartMogul data model:
    • Contacts
    • Currency Rates
    • Custom Attributes
    • Customers
    • Invoice Line Items
    • Invoices
    • Plans
    • Subscription Events
    • Tags
    • Transactions
    • Data Sources
  • Calculated Data — data calculated in ChartMogul:
    • Customers
    • MRR Movements

Read a detailed reference of the available datasets.

Configuring destinations in ChartMogul

To export data from ChartMogul to an object storage service or data warehouse, first create a destination in ChartMogul.

Object storage destinations

Learn how to configure object storage destinations in ChartMogul:

Data warehouses

Learn how to configure data warehouse destinations in ChartMogul:


ChartMogul webhooks allow you to send MRR movements as a JSON payload. Real-time MRR movements serve as the events that trigger the webhook.

Learn how to register a webhook in ChartMogul.

Here’s an example JSON payload:

    "date": "2023-11-02T14:00:00.000Z",
    "type": "mrr\_movement",
    "customer": {
    "name": "Nina Blues",
    "uuid": "cus\_728b0b6e-7a44-4275-920b-0d0ef833a9a3",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "status": "active",
    "company": "Hunter Technologies",
    "currency": "USD",
    "current\_arr": 30000,
    "current\_mrr": 2500,
    "external\_id": "cus\_0001",
    "external\_ids": \[
    "currency\_symbol": "$",
    "data\_source\_uuid": "ds\_35542640-d9f1-11ed-9c30-7727168c74a5"
    "description": "reactivated an old account with Platinum annual plan",
    "subscription": {
    "external\_id": "c7209380-798b-11ee-941a-c32899dd4de8"
    "movement\_type": "reactivation",
    "account\_currency": "USD",
    "invoice\_currency": "USD",
    "account\_currency\_symbol": "$",
    "invoice\_currency\_symbol": "$",
    "movement\_amount\_in\_cent": 2500,
    "mrr\_movement\_in\_account\_currency": 2500,
    "mrr\_movement\_in\_invoice\_currency": 2500

Read a detailed description of fields contained in the payload.

Other destinations

ChartMogul also allows you to configure the following destinations: