Use destinations to export data from ChartMogul to object storage services or data warehouses.

Available datasets

ChartMogul allows you to send two types of data:

  • Source Data — data imported from a billing source, transformed to the ChartMogul data model:
    • Contacts
    • Currency Rates
    • Custom Attributes
    • Customers
    • Invoice Line Items
    • Invoices
    • Plans
    • Subscription Events
    • Tags
    • Transactions
    • Data Sources
  • Calculated Data — data calculated in ChartMogul:
    • Customers
    • MRR Movements


Source customers vs. calculated customers

Both Source Data and Calculated Data contain a Customers dataset. It’s important to distinguish the two.
Source customers are tied to a particular data source. Calculated customers are what you see on customer lists. Each calculated customer contains one or more source customers. When customers are merged, multiple source customers become part of one calculated customer.

Read a detailed reference of the available datasets.

Configuring destinations in ChartMogul

To export data from ChartMogul to an object storage service or data warehouse, first create a destination in ChartMogul.

Object storage destinations

Learn how to configure object storage destinations in ChartMogul:

Data warehouses

Learn how to configure data warehouse destinations in ChartMogul:


ChartMogul webhooks allow you to send MRR movements as a JSON payload. Real-time MRR movements serve as the events that trigger the webhook.

Learn how to register a webhook in ChartMogul.

Here’s an example JSON payload:

    "date": "2023-11-02T14:00:00.000Z",
    "type": "mrr\_movement",
    "customer": {
    "name": "Nina Blues",
    "uuid": "cus\_728b0b6e-7a44-4275-920b-0d0ef833a9a3",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "status": "active",
    "company": "Hunter Technologies",
    "currency": "USD",
    "current\_arr": 30000,
    "current\_mrr": 2500,
    "external\_id": "cus\_0001",
    "external\_ids": \[
    "currency\_symbol": "$",
    "data\_source\_uuid": "ds\_35542640-d9f1-11ed-9c30-7727168c74a5"
    "description": "reactivated an old account with Platinum annual plan",
    "subscription": {
    "external\_id": "c7209380-798b-11ee-941a-c32899dd4de8"
    "movement\_type": "reactivation",
    "account\_currency": "USD",
    "invoice\_currency": "USD",
    "account\_currency\_symbol": "$",
    "invoice\_currency\_symbol": "$",
    "movement\_amount\_in\_cent": 2500,
    "mrr\_movement\_in\_account\_currency": 2500,
    "mrr\_movement\_in\_invoice\_currency": 2500

Read a detailed description of fields contained in the payload.

Other destinations

ChartMogul also allows you to configure the following destinations: