Response Codes

The ChartMogul API will communicate responses using standard HTTP codes.

HTTP CodeWhat it means
200OK (Everything worked as expected.)
201Created (The object you specified has been created.)
202Accepted (The object you specified has been accepted for processing.)
204No Content (OK, but nothing to return.)
400Bad Request (This often means a required parameter is missing.)
401Unauthorized (Authentication failed. See Authentication.)
402Request Failed (Your parameters were valid, but the request failed.)
403Forbidden (A trial account has expired.)
404Not Found (The requested item doesn’t exist.)
422Unprocessable Entity (Your request has semantic errors.)
429Too Many Requests (You have exceeded our rate limits.)
503Too Many Parallel Connections (See rate limits.)
500,502,504Server Errors (Something went wrong on ChartMogul’s end.)

Additionally, error messages will be included in responses wherever possible to help you identify the source of a problem.